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Hello neighbors…

A few items to discuss.

Architectural Review Committee:

Spring is almost here. Many of you will be gearing up to do some spring cleaning and starting new projects.. Remember, any architectural upgrades, enhancements or changes must be submitted through the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). This includes but not limited to painting, exterior refinishing, any concrete work and fence replacements. The form is available online by clicking here <>> . You can email it to or Mail it to the HOA PO Box Address found HERE <>>

Yard of the Month:

Yard of the month is gearing up. We see many early starters and lots of competition. Yard of the Month awards are handed out monthly from April to September. You’ll receive a yard sign and a $20 gift card to Lowes. Scroll through the posts to see previous winners. <>>

Some C/R notes:

*Overnight parking on non-paved surfaces is not allowed. This destroys landscaping and creates unpleasant eyesores to our community. If you have a temporary need, please use the contact form here to start a discussion. It is a violation of Jacksonville City Ordnance to park on a roadway for more than 24 hours. It is also dangerous and rude to your neighbors, especially when your driveway is empty. City parking enforcement will be called for violations.

*The HOA board and committees are made up of volunteers. We have our own jobs and family to attend to and more often than not the restriction drives and notices get bumped. With that said, we are looking for a few motivated residents who can work on the C/R committee. The duties would simply be, understanding the restrictions, notifying residents and keeping up with the notifications. This typically takes two hours every couple of weeks. 30 min to drive the neighborhood taking pictures and 1.5 hours of notification generation/tracking. We have a template already set up. Please email if you can assist. Good standardized enforcement is the key to a thriving beautiful neighborhood.

Spring HOA meeting:

We are securing a location, date to be announced shortly for our Spring Meeting. 2 Board positions are up for voting. This is a place for you to understand upcoming projects, get your voice heard and concerns addressed.


Steve Johnson, President

Raymur Villa HOA

Greetings Neighbors and Happy New Year!

Another year is in the books and it’s time to reflect on the improvements made to our neighborhood and look to the future of our HOA leadership and upcoming projects. Among the many changes to our fine community include entrance landscaping and the huge task of installing electrical and lighting. With the help of some very passionate neighbors, we fought a long hard battle against Hartsfield Oaks, and unfortunately lost. However, we gained some valuable relationships with city officials in our court to enforce regulations and hold the developers accountable (the concrete island in the road), we expect to see changes there soon. Additionally, they covered the majority of the cost of the dividing fence, to which we contributed to extend 2 feet taller.


Upcoming projects include the Rondette fence, information boards and possibly security cameras at both entrances, and an improved system for managing violations to our covenants and restrictions.


These projects require money, and this has caused us to retain legal assistance to collect HOA dues in arrears. We did everything we could to avoid it, but in the end our hands were tied. To date we have collected roughly $9,500 in past due payments.


Lastly, our HOA is run by volunteers, with lives, families, and our own homes to tend to. We spend countless hours doing an often thankless job simply with the goal of improving our neighborhood, and the time has come to hold elections for new leadership. If you care about our community, please consider getting involved, whether it’s president, secretary, C&R enforcement, neighborhood watch, or just passing along ideas.


We will hold a general meeting to include elections in March. Be on the lookout for signage with dates. I hope to see you all there look forward to the next year!


Very sincerely,

Steve Johnson, President, Raymur Villas HOA


2016 Projects:

Install Power to Ft Caroline: $ 10,680.00

Install Low voltage lights: $ 6,000.00

Finish landscaping entrances $ 2,060.00

Raymur/Hartsfield Oaks fence top $8,000.00


2017 Planned Projects:

Plant crepe myrtles Westside Ft. Caroline Entrance.

Replace Rondette Fence

Install Camera’s at both entrances.



Electrical work was American Electrical Contractors

Our landscaper is Matt Jones Home Maintenance


2017 Dues:

Dues will remain the same $125. You can pay your annual dues via online payment. Visit for more details.


We are looking for homeowners who would like to help out with the newsletter and other assistance. The same crew has been running the HOA for 6 years now. We would like some new energy. Remember a functioning HOA is vital to the upkeep of your community and helps increase property values!

Quick Update

Hello All

2016 is off and running.

Annual Dues Notices were mailed on Jan 1 with a due date of March 1. You can now pay online via Pay Pal. Check the bottom of the FAQ section for more details.

-Spring Meeting
We typically have our spring meeting in the beginning of March. We expect it to happen around that time again. We’ll update here and put out the signs as soon as we get a date. We have a board member position up for vote.


We saved many thousands of dollars by installing the solar lights at the entrances. The Hartsfield entrance worked great, the Ft Caroline entrance, not so much. This was due to the angle of the sun and the fast growing shrubs which limited the amount of charge the panel was able to insert into the batteries. This caused them to only partially charge thereby only giving out a few hours of light in the evening. Well no more. We are installing regular lights at both entrances. These will be fully metered JEA connections providing 24/7 electricity to the signs and other needs.

C/R’s have been a tad relaxed the past couple of years. Grossly violated restrictions have been handled swiftly. Over the next few weeks, many letters will be sent out for violations. Please understand the HOA is by no means targeting anyone in particular. These restrictions are and have been put in place for the greater good of the community many decades ago. They have not changed. Some may feel their particular violation has gone unnoticed for years, and are entitled to some sort of grandfather clause. This is not the case. We enforce the restrictions as detailed in each of the 5 units on a unit by unit basis. Some units are more restrictive than others. You can find out what unit you live in by visiting the property appraiser’s website. Then use the link above in the menu bar, called Documents. You can open the C/R’s for your particular unit there. We are working on newly typed version of the old scanned ones.

A couple items of note:
Cars may not be parked overnight on non paved areas of property. If so, only a temporary (1 day) basis. Paved means concrete. Some properties have permanent ruts along side of driveways from abusing the temporary clause. Some have even laid mulch to toughen the area. This is NOT allowed and violates the architectural restrictions. Please park cars in driveways. Parking in the street should only be used for temporary purposes. It limits the flow of traffic, can increase emergency services response time and severely irritates your neighbors as they constantly must wait and drive around your vehicle. Do you neighbors a favor and move your car to the driveway.

Replaced Garage Doors. Now that many our homes are over the 30 year mark, garage doors are really showing signs of a beating. Many of you have already replaced yours, many still need to do. Once your door is replaced, it MUST be painted one of the primary colors of the home. Either the trim or the base color will do. Your door can remain white only if your trim or base color is white. If your door is white and you question this statement, look around the neighborhood and you will easily see what I am referring to. Notices are being mailed about this. A quick coat of paint and a couple hours labor can easily clear this up and return your home’s appearance to normal.

That’s it for now.

If you would like to contact the HOA, please use the Contact Form. Link is at the top of the site. The notification emails all three board members directly.


National Night Out

Tuesday 8/4 is National Night Out.

From the About Us Page

Once upon a time, we kept our porch lights on. We opened the door even if we didn’t know who rang the bell. And we could always leave the back door unlocked during the day.

National Association of Town Watch is the nation’s premiere non-profit crime prevention organization dedicated to the development and promotion of crime prevention in communities across the nation.

NATW is a network of law enforcement agencies, neighborhood watch groups, civic groups, state and regional crime prevention associations and concerned citizens. Through that network, NATW was able to launch the annual National Night Out campaign.

National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, better places to live. Together, we are making that happen.

National Night Out enhances the relationship between neighbors and law enforcement while bringing back a true sense of community and provides a great opportunity to bring police and neighbors together under positive circumstances.

Neighborhoods across the nation host block parties, festivals, parades, cookouts and other various community events with safety demonstrations, seminars, youth events, visits from emergency personnel and exhibits.

Auto Burglaries on the Rise

Raymur Villa neighbors,

LOCK YOUR VEHICLES!! Another auto burglary on Le Havre at 3:15 am. Unlocked vehicle however they did leave a change purse full of change by mistake in the vehicle.

Again, these are crimes of opportunity and the last two thefts were to vehicles left unlocked.

Sign up for alerts or to alert us to Neighborhood Watch related issues ONLY :

HOA dues are 72% current this year. Covenants enforcement starting up.

We have about $37k in receivables. This is 1.5 times as much as is billed out in a year. This is uncalled for. HOA dues are only $125 a year and were disclosed when you purchased your home. The HOA has more than worked with homeowners over the last 15 months who have spoken up needing help. We have sent at least 5 letters to each of the past due recipients.

Therefore ALL accounts with a past due balance who have not made a payment this year have been turned over to collections. Furthermore, each year, after 60 days past due, collection activity once again will commence. The HOA bills out on the first of the year with due dates of March 1. This would mean collections activity will start May 1.

It’s taken 5 years longer to replace the fences. 10 years longer to replace the signs. Etc. etc

With the replacements of the fences and signs, the HOA has taken care of its property. Now it’s time for homeowners to take care of theirs. Each of you, please take a few minutes to step out across the road (look both ways of course) and look at your home. How’s the grass, how’s the paint? Can you see vegetation growing on your roof/walls? If you have a sidewalk in your yard, is it neatly trimmed? If you saw your house from across the street from you, what would you think? This is how your neighbors see you. The dilapidated homes I’ve seen in this community are only a good days work away from being attractive again. Let’s get going!!!

If you would like to hire someone please use the contact form and we can recommend professionals.

Sincerely Yours,

Alex Lee, Treasurer

Raymur Villas HOA.

HOA Meeting 3/9 at Don Brewer from 7pm-9pm


Please join us for our scheduled Homeowners Meeting on Monday March 9th 7pm in the Media Room at Don Brewer Elementary (3385 Hartsfield Road).We’ll have updates on projects underway in our neighborhood and Neighborhood Watch.

Please visit

Annual Assesments Mailed Today, Due March 1, 2015

I mailed this years annual assessment invoices today. You should receive an invoice with an amount due of $125 for 2015. All homes within Raymur Villas are part of the Association and must pay the assessment.  The assessment has remained the same for the past 3 years. As long as dues are collected on time, Raymur Villa homeowners can continue to enjoy the low annual assessment. Last year, 2014, we hit 70% current. The money collected pays for landscaping, fences, HOA insurance, lights, signage, postage and other minor expenses.

If you are behind, you also received a statement of the past 4 or so years as well as letter outlining collection information. While we have not to my knowledge pursued collections outside of expensive property liens, hiring a collection agency will be a topic on the agenda for our first meeting, hopefully sometime at the end of February. If you are behind and would like to catch up, please use the contact form on this site to send us an email with details. The last thing you want is a collection agency harassing you, so please contact us asap. Remember, the HOA is an all resident run HOA. There are no outside management companies operating on our behalf. Let’s keep it this way by each homeowner paying their fair share.

Projects this year include replacing both signs, adding more foliage to the Ft Caroline entrance and perhaps upgrading the sign lights. We do need to stick with solar powered lights as the money necessary to run power to the islands is quite expensive. Approaching $7,500. Upgrading means bigger solar panel, mounted higher and a longer lasting set of batteries. I believe the current set of batteries runs dry around 4am, long enough for 99% of us, but we would like light shining on our new signs all the time. Wouldn’t you agree? Quotes for repairing sections of the Rondette Fence, as well as the fence between us and Paddock Club also need to be drawn up.

As I mentioned, expect a meeting in late February. Elections need to be made, 2 of 3 seats are up to be voted on.

Due date for the Annual Assessment is March 1, 2015. Please mail a check to the return address on the invoice.

Any other questions, please use the contact form. One of us will get back to you usually in a matter of hours.

Sincerely Yours,

Alex Lee, President

Raymur Villa HOA

October 2014 Yard of the Month

September’s Yard of the Month was awarded to the Yates Residence at 3544 Raymur Villa Dr.



September 2014 Yard of the Month

September’s Yard of the Month was awarded to the Husbands Residence at 3500 Raymur Villa Dr.